Thank you for your interest in refereeing with Metro United!

MUSC employs many Referees and Assistant Referees, new and experienced. BE CONFIDENT and KNOW THE RULES.

Rule changes for Fall, 2016:

  • FIFA altered the rule that kick-offs do NOT have to go forward; only be kicked and move.
  • MUSC will continue to enforce the no-header rule for U-10 and below. The proper restart is an Indirect Free Kick.

Referee paperwork is only required for NEW referees or CHANGES! This includes a W-9 for address changes and a Direct Deposit form for bank account changes.

Pay dates

This is a list of expected pay dates. This list is subject to change based on rainouts.

8/27 – 9/12/16 is paid on or about 9/16/16.
9/16 – 9/26/16 is paid on or about 9/30/16.
9/30 – 10/10/16 is paid on or about 10/14/16.
10/14 – 10/31/16 is paid on or about 11/4/16.

Pay Rates

11 v 11 — Refs = $28.00, ARs = $18.00
8 v 8 — Refs = $22.00, ARs = $15.00
6v6 — Refs = $19.00, ARs = $14.00
U7/8 — Center Ref Only = $14.00
Stand-by — $10

If you need equipment, you can e-mail Cory Kramer (, who runs the Ref Shop. A starter kit has everything you need to get started for about $70.


  • Dress appropriately and professionally
  • Give your best effort
    • o Work as hard as the players
    • o Make sure the game is safe and fair
  • Know the rules and call fouls
  • Have fun!


  • You will make many correct calls
  • You will also make some mistakes
  • You will get yelled at
  • It isn’t always your fault
  • When dealing with coaches be polite and respectful